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Principal is the Executive Head. 0n academic matters, he is advised by the Academic Council.


Marks medical college and hospital medical volunteer programme connects healthcare professionals across a range of disciplines with knowledge, skills, experience and a deep desire to give back to rural communities in need.


Diabetes affects an estimated 425 million people worldwide. Over 22% of the adult population in Mauritius is afflicted with type 2 diabetes and an equally high percentage suffers from pre-diabetes. For decades, Mauritius has figured among the top 10 countries with the highest incidence of diabetes. Importantly, type 2 diabetes is no longer limited to adults as the epidemic is also emerging in children and adolescents.


There is a provision for study tour in the new curriculum’ The students will have to bear cost of study tour in addition to the regular tuition fees and fees at the time of admission.


Students are encouraged to participate in extra-curricular activities such as: Sports games, cultural activities, debating competition, wall magazine etc.


International Snakebite Awareness Day


Did you know that snake bites affect over 4.5 million people every year? Around 2 million people then develop a clinical illness as a result, and a further 100,000 of them will then die from complications.

         World Cancer Day

World Cancer Day is the one singular initiative under which the entire world can unite together in the fight against the global cancer epidemic. It takes place every year on 4 February.


Academic Council meets in every six months and whenever necessary. They discuss all aspects of academic activities and discipline of students’ Academic Council is also responsible for coordination of courses and quality control of education through Academic Coordinator and Phase Coordinators.

This is the highest body of the college. Principal is the Chairman of the Council. Members of the Academic Council are the Director of the Marks Medical College & Hospital, Vice-Principal, Head of Departments, all Professors, two senior-most Associate Professors (one from pre-clinical & another from clinical), two senior-most Assistant Professors (one from pre-clinical & another from clinical) and two elected students’ representatives.

This body monitors and maintains control of the campus in order to ensure a smooth progress of the academic activities. It also refers the disciplinary matters to the Disciplinary Committee to take disciplinary actions against those who violate any rule or regulation of the college or of discipline.


There is common room for students with daily news paper and some indoor games.
Extra Curricular Activities:

There are facilities for extra curricular activities like Indoor/outdoor games, cultural programs, free blood donation camp, distribution of winter cloths, observation of national & International days etc. Debates, seminars and cultural events are held regularly.Literary activities such as debates, seminars, publications of Annual Magazine.



Student teaching is guided by Assistant Professors, Associate Professors and Professors in lecture classes and also in the wards during clinical classes, Students are placed in small groups, small group teaching and proper feedback from students are ensured through lecturers, registrars and assistant registrars, Students teaching in the morning is primarily done by Faculty Members. Registrars teach students in the evening session. Students are required to complete their cards and other assessment criteria before being allowed to take the MBBS final professional examinations.


Journal Club Meetings is held in clinical depaftments once weekly and are attended by all members of the Depaftment. Papers are read by the members of the Faculty, interns and junior doctors take part and important journals are regularly covered.Two journals of MARKS Medical College is published yearly since 2013 which has BM&DC recognition.

In the era of information explosion, it is impossible for anyone to keep himself up-to-date with the literature by reading alone. Moreover there is vast amount of un-useful information added each day in the literature. Someone has to remain up-to-date with the valid and usable new information. Since its inception.


Seminars and Clinical Meetings are held on a regular basis. Presentations are made by distinguished speakers from our College and also from other medical institutions in Bangladesh and outside the country.

Come along to our seminars on medical education. This annual series of events provides a forum for colleagues to share and learn about current research in medical education. Seminars are FREE to attend and open to all.


Daily discussion meetings are held every morning in clinical departments with interns, Assistant Registrars and Faculty Members. Interesting cases that were admitted the prevlous day are presented in detail by the Interns and the Assistant Registrars along with the Consultant on call for the day. Symptoms, physical signs, diagnosis, investigations like X-rays, ECG and laboratory tests are discussed in detail along with management plans. The Morning Session is well attended and is an excellent teaching and learning session for ail,