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Allocation of time for 4 years

Total for four years=208 weeks(4years)

Of the 24 weeks allocated for each TERM, at least 20 weeks should be utilized for teaching. The last four weeks in a term could be utilized for Term examinations and for making up any losses due to official holidays during the term.

Academic Scheme

A term having 20 weeks for teaching will have at least 100 full working days and therefore approximately 600 hours of teaching time. On this basis each year will have approximately 1200 hours of teaching time.


Subject to be Taught in each year

Each Subject must introduce card and its satisfactory completion by the student should be obligatory before being sent up for University Examination. The card must be made available during practical University Examination may be consulted for reference where required.

The seminar of Integrated Teaching System will be introduced from the beginning of the 1st year and it should be organized periodically, at the end of each system or topics.


Allocation of Teaching time for 1st year

First Profssional B.D.S Examination will be held at the end of year-I on a prefixed date (as per schedule in 9.1) The subjects to be examined are

  • Anatomy with History
  • Physilogy with Biochemistry and
  • Science of Dental material.

Allocation of Teaching time for 2nd year

2nd Professional BD,S Examination will be held at the end of year-I I on a prefixed date (as per schedule in 9.1 ) The subjects to be examined are

  • General & Dental Pharmacology
  • Pathology & Microbiology,
  • Oral Anatomy & Physiology and (iv) Dental Public Health.

Allocation of

Teaching time

for 3rd year


Allocation of Teaching time for Final year

Final Professional B.D.S Examination shall be held at the end of year-IV on a prefixed date (as per schedule in 9. I) The subjects to be examined are

  • Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery
  • Conservative Dentistry & Endodontics,
  • Prosthodontics, Orthodontics and (v) Paediatric Dentistry.

University Examination

All the four professional BDS examinations will start Simultaneously, in the 1st week of February & August in each year. Routine for conducting written examinations will be prefixed as follows

Practical, Oral and Clinical examinations for each group of Examiners will start as soon as possible after completion of the written examinations. The routine for practical oral clinical examination will be drawn up in such way that the oral practical / Clinical examination can be completed within 2-3 weeks and whole examination is completed

within a period of 4-5 weeks. The Routine for Oral / Practical / Clinical examinations should be drawn up in such a manner, that more or less equal gaps are provided between the subjects for each batch of Examinees. The result of the examinations are to be published within 10 (ten) days after the completion of whole examinations.

Simultaneously with the introduction of the new Examination system, card system for each subject (Including clinical subjects) shall be gradually introduced for continuous evaluation of studentsr performance during the course of studies. A student who does not complete the card in a particular subject will not be allowed to appear in the University . Examination in that subject

Any student passing all the subjects of any B.D.S Examination & successfully completes one academic year will be allowed to sit for the next higher B.D.S Examination.

A student who fails in second chance in a particular professional B.D.S examination will not be allowed to attend classes on Higher class except 3rd year students, till he / she clears his failed subjects and is promoted to higher class

Students who do not appear in particular subject or examination will be considered as